The Czech Republic

History. Tradition. Architecture. Castles. Spas. Nature. Culture. Sport. Beer. Crystal. Prague, Carlsbad. Václav Havel. Miloš Forman. Jaromír Jágr. Petr Čech. Petra Kvitová. Tomáš Berdych.

The Czech Republic, it's not just the world-famous terms, places and names. Thanks to the Czech Sports Association for Mentally Handicapped, the Czech Republic is also a long term INAS member and a frequent organizer of world and Europe sport events for athletes with mental handicap. Global Games 2009, World Athletics Championships 2013, World Tennis Championships 2013, Europe Table Tennis Championships 2014, World Cycling Championships 2015, Europe Indoor Athletics Championships 2017.

The Czech Republic,

the country of the INAS Table Tennis Championships 2017.

Hradec Králové

The town of Hradec Králové has a long history reaching back to 1225. It is situated at the confluence of the Elbe and the Orlice rivers, about a hundred kilometres east of Prague. The town is well-known for its historical and modern architecture, even nicknamed the Salon of the Republic in the 1920s. With a university, a number of cultural institutions and situated close to forests, mountains and other natural and historical tourist attractions, Hradec Králové is an excellent place to live for its almost 100 thousand inhabitants and an attractive destination for numerous tourists who visit the town and the region all year round. It is also the region's chief sport centre. Besides football, hockey and basketball, Hradec Králové is a major table tennis centre. The town offers great conditions for table tennis players of all skill levels and ages, with three Extra League clubs on the one hand and an amateur table tennis league with 80 teams and 500 players, including players with mental handicap, on the other.

Hradec Králové,

the setting of the INAS Table Tennis Championships 2017.

See you in Hradec Králové!

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